An anagram is the rearrangement of the letters of a word, name, phrase, sentence, title, or the like into another word or phrase. All the letters must be used once and only once. This is the basic rule of anagramming.


In the installation, ‘words’ are replaced by ‘color’ for the anagrammatic game. Thus, the color red is the anagram of violet; one contains the other and both are complementary, although utterly disparate.


A rectangular object, approx. 4lx3h, is coated with velvet (one side red, other side violet). The object floats in the middle of the room and barely touches the ground.

The vision is obstructed and the perspective of the room is chopped off. The colors radiate on the walls and impregnate the eye.




at Les Moulins de Paillard | Centre d'Art et Résidence d'Artistes

Poncé sur le Loir, France