Video Installation


"Race". "Class". Gender politics. Clichés.

The video installation discusses the cliché image of 'brazilianity'.


I show an image and a counter-image of one of the most rooted stereotypes about Brazil, the samba-dancer. In the video she has an aggressive posture, defying the spectator, walking back and forth towards the camera.


In installation the visitor intuitively 'mirrors' the same movement. That is, the room is filled with presence detectors. As he gets closer to the screen, a pair of sub-woofers emit a strong and almost unbearable sound that grows on intensity


As he moves back, the sound vanishes.


This physical experience with the image and sound aims to create a dialogue, and above all, specularity.



Dancer: Thais Palmares

Photos: Paulo Costa

Max-MSP programming: Pierre Gufflet


Produced by: Le Fresnoy Studio National, France






at "La Volupté Numérique"
Palais de Beaux Arts, Lille, France