The word ‘Desexistir’ is also the title of a video installation exhibited at Swissnex, Rio de Janeiro.


At the beginning of 2017, a group of MFA (Master of Fine Arts) students from ZHdK - Zürcher Hochschule der Künste traveled to Greece (Lesbos and Mytilene) and Lebanon. The proposed theme for the journey was “Art and Crisis”. How can “art” react to a humanitarian crisis, without instrumentalizing it? The group visited the main refugee entry points in Greece; gaining a condensed view of the political tensions in the region thanks to meetings with artists, activists, and government officials.


My response to the journey and to the program is a reflection about the concept of borders as fictional limits, invented by men. In this work, I investigate the absurd existence of borders in the high sea and, and in a wider spectrum, the persistent and invisible borders that segregate people.



The images are from my personal archive; they are projected on the walls of circular space of the exhibition. The video projectors spin around a central axis, and the black pillar functions like a lighthouse.



Swissnex, Rio de Janeiro