May 29, 2023

“My homeland is the Portuguese language.” wrote Fernando Pessoa. Later, Martin Heidegger stated, “Language is the home of being”.

As a Brazilian artist living in Europe, my work is heavily influenced by my immigrant experience and language’s role in shaping my (multi-faceted) identity. I have found refuge in the different languages I speak, and this movement has profoundly impacted my artistic practice.

I am particularly interested in exploring the intersection between language, linguistics, literature, and poetry and how to transform them via other media beyond textual formats.

I have a deep fascination with language and its complexities.As a result, many of my pieces explore their nuances and intricacies, playing with words and materials, encompassing identity, politics, or cultural themes.

My works often takes hybrid forms, incorporating elements such as sound, video, drawings, installations or sculptures alongside text-based pieces. By blending these different forms of expression, I focus on creating compounds that challenge traditional reading and encourage viewers to engage in a more immersive, polysemic and multi-sensory way.

Through my work, I aspire to expand our understanding of language, creating new grammars and syntaxes that break down the barriers between different mediums and encourage viewers to engage more openly and imaginatively. My goal is to create works that celebrate the diversity and richness of language, concomitantly offering a poetic and critical space for reflection and contemplation in our increasingly complex world.

Because ultimately, language is not just a means of communication but an essential part of our being and existence; it is the very foundation of our understanding of the world and our place in it.

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