A curtain is the first and last frontier that delimits the ‘real’ from the ‘imaginary’ on the stage of a traditional theatre. It also delimits two functions, two temporalities and two distinct action spaces. What would be a curtain that does not open to a specific space but merely shows its entrails? 

A rectangular object of 3×4,5m coated with velvet floats in the middle of the room, discontinuing the perspective view. The colours radiate on the walls and impregnate the eye. 

The installation proposes a particular type of anagram that uses, instead of words, colours: red is the anagram of violet; one containing and complementing the other, although utterly disparate.

at Les Moulins de Paillard | Centre d’Art et Résidence d’Artistes, Poncé sur le Loir, France


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