Rests of an Echo

“The installation “Rests of an Echo” investigates the phenomenon of sound echo from a particular point of view.
A sound that reverberates in space fades over time, leaving marks only in our auditory memory.
What would it be like if that same sound, when echoing, left traces in space?
How can we imagine the sound phenomenon affecting not only our ears and memory, but also our vision?

The installation was presented in the highest room situated in the tower of a medieval castle in Switzerland. Upon entering the space, the visitor sees a wall where particles move upwards, and this movement is accompanied by the narration of texts and sounds chosen by the artist.”

Aluminium, steel, sound, pigments
Year of production: 2022


Manifest Destiny – List of military interventions of the Unites States of America since its foundation
A cry of revolt
Questions for an adult
Clarice Lispector “Die langweiligen Kinder” (“As crianças chatas’)


Búi Rouch

Nômade Fronteira
Victor Carrara (voice) @victor.carrara
Pedro Rangel (celo)
Leonardo de Almeida (sax)

A very special thank to Navaneethan Arumugam and Yawen_fu

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