VR: The Sleep of Reason Produces Monsters

VR: The sleep of reason produces monsters

“The sleep of reason produces monsters” (El sueño de la razón produce monstruos) is one the most representatives etchings of the series “Los Caprichos”, published in 1799 by Francisco de Goya y Lucientes.

I reinterpreted Goya’s print using Virtual Reality. The etching becomes a room where the visitor, wearing VR glasses, can move and discover objects, videos, and sounds within an immersive space.Understanding the impact of technology on our lives today in the light of Goya seems relevant. 


Technical progress does not automatically correspond to moral progress and does not necessarily bring emancipation to the spirits, making the subject less affected by his destructive drives. Or, technology does not destroy our inner monsters, but maybe, rather, the opposite.


The project was awarded by XR-HUB Bavaria – Bayerisches Staatsministerium für Digitales, Germany.

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