All the Colours

All the colours surround the central sun

How to fill a large industrial room and dislocate its gravitational centre using simple elements such as sound and image?

The installation consists of two speakers and three medium-size monitors suspended in the air, revolving around its axis.

At the extremities of the room, the speakers play the sound of birds flying in a swarming formation, interspersed with the phrase « All colours surround the central sun ». The sentence is fragmented into syllables flying from one point to the other in a pendulum movement.

From the cacophony of voices and fragments emerge unexpected words and meanings. And the video screens, like a lighthouse, light up the room with strong coloured lights that metaphorically represent the sun.

The exhibition was held with the support of Brazil Contemporary Art Program and the Award “Mostras de Artistas no Exterior” from São Paulo Biennial Foundation and the Brazilian Ministry of Culture.

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