ZHdK – Zürcher Hochschule der Künste is one of the most prominent art schools in Europe, thanks to its program’s quality and its impressive means of production.

The new building is where several art disciplines converge. Yet, curiously it expresses some paradoxes of the contemporary world: filled with surveillance cameras, it embodies an extensive glossary of security terms and protocols – from electronic access control to terrorist attack training prevention – that imbues the daily life within the institution. 

Also, instead of an art gallery or project space dedicated to the students, an Apple Reseller occupies the most special room of the school.

Thus, some questions arise:

What is the purpose of an art school today? To which extent is the institution submitted to the capital rules?

In the installation, several speakers are hidden in specific spots of the building (in front of elevators, stairs, cafes, passage corridors, etc.) to question its nature: through sound, the school becomes a commercial centre.

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